A trip down memory lane

When I think back to my days at school, one thing that always comes to mind is the memory of getting to choose a new backpack for the year. Looking back, I always had a bit of a thing for Roxy bags. With such 'cool', sleek designs and a real emphasis on surfer style, I used to get really excited about starting off a new term with a new bag and stationary set...can you tell I was never one of the 'popular' girls? :p

I had been looking for a bag recently as we are off to centre Parcs next week and, knowing that we will be spending a lot of time cycling, swimming and walking, I didn't want to have my arms weighed down with bags. Whilst it seems there are still lots of sales to take advantage of, I thought I would see what kind of rucksacks were around in the hopes of solving my dilemma!

I was struggling to find something that I liked and that had a bit of vibrancy in the design. In the end, I decided to check out some Roxy bags on a whim and totally fell in love with this fun, geometric design. Not only is it identical in style to some of my favourite bags I had in school (bringing up so many memories!), but I absolutely loved the colour combinations and design. 

I love that this backpack is so eye-catching and bright. Noah saw me open it after it arrived in the post and his eyes lit up instantly as he surveyed all the colours. Of course, he just had to try it on first! 

 I can see myself using this SO much over the coming months! (Hurry up summer holidays!) This would be a perfect carry on bag for a plane journey, it's the perfect bag for a hike, for a run, a shopping trip...the list is endless!

It's really nice to finally enjoy one of my all time favourite bag designs outside of the classroom and get planning all the adventures it will join us on!

Are you a backpack fan?



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