Breakfast with View Quest

This week our house has been flooded with the sound of music once more. It has been a real joy to have a working radio in the home again and I was extremely flattered when View Quest asked me to trial one of the new Hepburn MK II DAB designs. Considering I have never owned a View Quest radio before, I was very excited and intrigued to see how it would work in comparison to other radios I've used.

View Quest have collaborated with Emma Bridgewater to produce a selection of their popular radios in various EB patterns. Well, as if that wasn’t enough to get my heart racing! I enlisted the help of my husband to help me decide which pattern to opt for and in the end we decided on the ‘marmalade’ design, a fun, vibrant and altogether perfect accompaniment to a spring breakfast, we think!

Lifting this radio out of its packaging was met with many "ooh's" and "ahh's" from all of us- especially Noah who couldn't wait to get his chubby little fingers on it!
 It's such an impressive piece in its finish, design and size. It also feels durable, strong and the generously proportioned speaker doesn't fail to deliver. Upon turning the radio on and going through the motions of setting the date and time, we were pleasantly surprised with the ease and fluidity of movement between settings using the dials. I'm definitely not a 'gadget geek' by any means, but it was easy enough even for me to manoeuvre through the channels and get a feel for it. 

It was such a treat to sit down to a lazy weekend breakfast and have the radio centre stage for the duration. The children love music and being able to bring some of that joy to the breakfast table made for a lovely family moment together. 
 It's been pretty gloomy outside this week but i've found solace in just popping this cheerful radio on in the mornings. The bright yellow almost beckons the spring months and I can't help but imagine the fun of having it playing in the garden this summer! 

The Hepburn MK II has certainly reminded me that a radio can have more potential than just as a functional object- This one is such a pretty, decorative piece too! I've spent the last week moving it around our home and listening to it as I prepare the meals, do the laundry or read books in my bedroom. It's a really cheerful, gorgeous piece that can brighten any corner of the home by just being there!

In reality, it's not often that I have the time and space to do nothing but sit for a morning quietly drinking coffee and reading the paper while my radio fills the background. Sounds glorious doesn't it mamas?! But that's what I love about the Hepburn MK II,  I can carry on with my day accomplishing whatever needs to happen around the home, all the while being able to listen to music, news...the lot! 
It's safe to say that i'm quite smitten with my new Hepburn! Have you had a chance to look at them? You can head on over to the website to find out a little more (here).

Would you like to be in with a chance of winning your very own Hepburn MK II radio? I've teamed up with View Quest to bring one lucky Twitter follower the opportunity to do so! Simply follow both myself (@BuntyMorton) and @MyVQUK on Twitter and a winner will be selected at random on Friday 5th Feb! Good luck! 


*Disclaimer: Whilst I was generously gifted this radio by View Quest, all opinions expressed are authentic and representative of Bunty Living.


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