Celebrating the Epiphany

Last night we celebrated the end of the Christmas season with a dinner for Eddy's family. It just so happened that this was also our first time to host all of Eddy's family in the new house, which made the whole event especially nice. It was so good to all be together and enjoy good food and conversation!

For us, the feast of the Epiphany marks the closing of Christmas season as we celebrate the three kings, or wise men arriving in Bethlehem and presenting the baby Jesus with their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myhrr.

 I decided to display our little nativity set in the middle of the dining table as a focal point for the evening. For its official last night on display, I wanted to make the most of it and felt it made a lovely, reflective and thought provoking scene to ponder over dinner.

Today I have rather reluctantly been removing the remaining decorations, bit by bit! Our tree is still up (I know, I know!)- I didn't get a chance to pack it away today as poor Jonah had an awful time with teething. But hey, I thought to myself, what's the rush!? 

Who else loves to celebrate the Epiphany?



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