Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment

Hey guys, today I have a little 'beauty post' to share as I have found a skincare solution that is so good, I think everyone should know about it! 
I've written about my hands in the past, more specifically the battering they take during the cold winter months. The fact that they are washed umpteen times a day with looking after the babies and rinsing bottles makes them even more prone to dryness and irritability. This year was particularly bad though as my hands have been horribly dry especially around my knuckles.
I wanted to find a handbag friendly cream that would be easy to incorporate into my daily skincare routine and I really wanted it to work-not just have pretty packaging! 

Enter: Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream...
An understated, effective and truly marvellous recipe for soft, smooth and happy hands. This bottle has become a close friend over the past few weeks! I bought this on recommendation after being informed of how effective this was for treating a particular case of dermatitis. I was intrigued to see how it might make a difference to my skin and boy was I impressed when I began using this.

I saw results pretty instantly- whilst the formula sinks in quickly on application, you can still feel its silkiness getting to work on the tougher areas of skin. Having used this every day for a couple of weeks now, my flaky knuckles are nowhere near as uncomfortable or sore as they were, they're way more hydrated and the skin has plumped again. 

The bottle contains a generous amount of product: 100ml and, having used mine round the clock, i'm pretty satisfied that I still have a good amount left. At £21 it's definitely not the cheapest hand cream but for the fact it actually does something to your skin unlike many other creams you can buy, it's definitely worth the extra pennies- especially if your skin is problematic like mine.

The other benefit I have noticed is a big improvement in my nails. I had acrylic tips applied before Christmas and my nails took a real battering from them. They had been dry and brittle for weeks
 and the growth had been especially poor during this period. Yet, since using this cream they’ve strengthened noticeably and they also seem to have had a growth spurt too. The only thing I can credit this to is using this hand cream as nothing else has really changed in my skincare routine.
I will definitely be repurchasing this product- even though I know I won’t need to for a while yet! 

Have you tried this cream?


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