Crisp & White Dresser

It has become a bit of a joke between Eddy and myself that I repaint the kitchen dresser a week or two before i’m due to have a baby. Call it a little ’nesting’ ritual that has gotten out of hand! But being something I love to do when pregnant, (whether advisable or not) painting my dresser has acquired a kind of sentimentality for me. The thought just takes me straight back to the two times i’ve sported a huge bump and reminds me of all the joy and anticipation we felt, awaiting our imminent arrivals of our baby boys!

This dresser has been through a fair few pots of paint in its time- some of which I have loved better than others! Last Feb was when it had its last makeover and I’ve really enjoyed it in the yellow/cream tone for the past year. However, you know me, I get bored quickly and for a few months have been deliberating another change.

I decided to go for white this time. I know it’s a bit of a dangerous colour and I also know it will need touching up in a couple of months too, but when I first tried the tester pot on the side surface, I was completely won over. Something about the sharp, crisp white just makes anything I place on the shelves pop with colour- I love the vibrance it now brings to our kitchen.

I wanted to brighten the whole look of the dresser and make it more of a neutral backdrop for some of my favourite mugs, jugs and little trinkets. I think the white has paid off really well as everything I put against it contrasts beautifully and just makes the surrounding colours come alive. It’s definitely one of my favourite pieces of furniture we own! Considering my husband doesn’t spend too much time arranging mugs in pretty sequences, it’s a little spot where I feel I can be creative and reflect my own style without encroaching on the rest of the family!

Are you dresser crazy like me?

Hope you’re all having a fab weekend!



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