Don't be a chicken!

I keep going through phases of wanting to put the blog on pause and just revert back to a simpler, non smart phone, non technological life. Is there such a thing anymore? Finding balance in everything is such a huge and important part of living a happy, full life. My faith, my family, my real life behind the camera... these are the things that make up the principle elements of my day to day. But I also recognise the temptation there is to feel a sense of keeping up with the internet and the pseudo, nonsense of unattainable perfection that photographs can imply. I'm constantly asking myself what message am I giving my readers? What am I implying to them?

I read something recently that really spoke to me. It was actually from Kayla Itsines, (a young woman who is changing the fitness industry for women-well worth a look at her guides, I love her!) She said  "Be you and be proud of who you are...Be strong and stick to your morals. Be the best person that you can be and follow your dreams because no one can achieve them for you."
I think it resonated with me because so often I feel too chicken to take a step forward and in the end that fear only paralyses you and stops you from reaching your own, God-given potential.

I'm hoping to strike up a better balance this year with representing real life through my blog and Instagram. My campaign for #RaisingThoseRascals has been such a fun way to share with fellow parents all about family life- warts and all! The everyday, the mundane, the difficult- I've had the opportunity to share tips, difficulties, joys and trials- all as a result of an initial desire to find a support network of mothers who understand this journey and aren't afraid to talk about it!

So, if ever there was a phrase to summarise a personal goal for this year, it's 'Don't be a chicken!' :)



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