Grandma's toy trunk!

Before Christmas, my mother in law kindly gave me a large, well loved trunk she had in their family home for years. It was a deep green colour, broken in places and with all the charming nooks and scratches you'd expect from a piece that had been used as toy storage for such a long time.
I really loved that it was weathered by time and by the many curious little fingers that have searched its contents! It certainly has some stories to tell, I'm sure!
 Whilst certain parts of the original fastenings are now missing, it still is a beautiful piece which I was delighted to welcome into our home!

I had actually been thinking about our toy storage dilemma for a while as our little wicker baskets have been overflowing for weeks. The space this chest provides is amazing! It actually reminds me of Mary Poppins' bag in the way that it can accommodate so many things.

When it arrived, I decided to give the trunk a little makeover. After all its years of service to the family, I think it deserved a glory moment! In the end I went with a favourite paint colour- Paloma by Annie Sloan. This is a beautiful, gentle and really neutral shade that I always come back to- I love it. 
Whilst my little boys are far more interested in the contents of this chest, I love the look of it now. Knowing how it has been used and loved in the family for years makes it all the more special to find a similar use for it in our home.

What I also love about this trunk is that it will easily double as a coffee table or side table. Currently, the boy's playroom is in our conservatory but I have plans to 'share' this room with them eventually and turn it into a grown up lounge area too. When I think about it, I quite like the idea of using this trunk as a coffee table between the furniture...we shall see!

I hope you're all having a great first week back after New Year!



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