Jonah's week in facial expressions!

After having a bit of a tumultuous few days with Jonah at the start of the year, this last week has been filled with so many giggles and cooing as my happy baby has truly returned. He has been chattering away, playing games with us and for the most part has been in such a good mood which, as his mama, warms my heart.

For some reason, Jonah has also been pulling the most hilarious faces this week. I've managed to capture some of them and I created an album of 'silly moments' to store them all in. Not knowing exactly what I was going to do with them, I thought I would share a few with you!

If I'm ever feeling a bit down, looking through the boys' baby photos always cheers me up. They stir memories and feelings within me and always help to brighten a dull day!
It's a bit of a random one, granted, but I hope this post brings a little smile to your day too, courtesy of this cheeky chap! :)

Have a great weekend friends!


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