Goodbye scatter brain, hello Kate Spade!

At the end of December, I decided that 2016 would be a turning point for my old scatter brain. Towards the later months of last year I found myself getting really frustrated with how terrible my memory can be at times! It always seems worse when I know I have lots of little things to remember to do: an email here, or a phone call there. Whether it's work related or to do with normal household things, I have felt a bit overwhelmed at times with trying to remember and keep on top of everything!

A real sense of scattiness came over me and I felt that for 2016, I would resolve to keep anything blog related on paper. I wanted to be able to lay out my week in front of me so that I could see everything that was going on and determine to get through my jobs with more clarity and focus. 

I searched high and low for the perfect planner that could work both as a personal diary and business one for the blog. I really wanted something that wouldn't look too corporate but would still be organised and structured. Being able to see appointments at a glance and still having space to write a daily plan for each task really works for me and this new planner provided all of those things. 

I read lots of reviews of the Kate Spade planner and, after going to the extent of watching youtube reviews, (I know, I'm mad :p)I  decided this would be the perfect addition to my work space. I wanted something that could house anything work related, family related, social or otherwise and this planner just ticked all those boxes straight away!

First of all, the packaging is just beautiful. The design has gold polkadots on the hardcover and inside, the ring binding is also finished in a lovely bright gold. The sections of the book are divided by black polka dot pages which are a cute way to quickly navigate your way through. Whilst this is quite significantly larger than previous 'handbag friendly' diaries i've used, it is a lovely 'coffee table' style folio that is easy enough to carry in my arm when I am on the go. I love that it has enough space to write in all our significant dates and celebrations, with lots of added space for note taking.

Every month is broken into a section where you can see the whole month at a glance and then, as you turn that page, you get a view by week format which has loads of space for note taking and reminders! Personally, I love being able to see my week from start to finish and being able to visually remind myself of deadlines or appointments coming up. I find this is great for the blog too as I can plan posts and work around collaborations much more easily if I can see them physically on the page in front of me.

Everything from the style, structure and layout of this planner is really easy to use and I am so glad I went ahead and bought it! Not only have I got a bit of a thing for all things Kate Spade, but I have always loved her trademark slogan: 'She is quick and curious and playful and strong!'- It's the kind of phrase that evokes the memory of myself as a child and I love that this little planner will continually encourage me to have more fun with what I do! 

Do you like to use a planner to keep yourself organised? If so, let me know what your favourites are!

I purchased mine through John Lewis here.




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