Little readers

I’ve really enjoyed reading with Noah recently. His love of books and his interest in reenacting characters and voices really inspires me to keep up the reading we’ve been doing. As a pre-schooler, most of what he understands from books is taken from illustrations and little activities like puling the tabs to reveal the dinosaurs hiding, or playing with pop ups. 
When I see Noah picking up a book to look at, I really see his curiosity and imagination at work in a totally different way to his expression when he watches the television. His face comes to life as he experiences touching and feeling the pages of a book and digesting what the images are telling him about the plot.

I think sometimes I take for granted the importance of reading with him. We all probably know how essential reading is to child development, but I have often saved ‘reading time’ till bedtime when, normally, we are both exhausted. It's no surprise that I then find myself repeatedly reaching for the quiet, gentle and shorter books to soothe him to sleep. Whilst these are great for that purpose, I have been feeling that we need to establish a bit more of a routine for day time reading.

Having made the effort to stop after lunch and open some of our more adventurous, loud and exciting books together, It’s made for a lot of fun and creative play. I’ve especially been enjoying the peace from not having the television on in the background and just enjoying the excited noises coming from my toddler’s imaginative play!

I hope you're all having a great week!?


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