Raising Those Rascals

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's Raising Those Rascals post! We got back from a mini break on Friday which was such a lovely few days. Sadly, it's all been a bit downhill since! I think we were all overtired at the weekend and then, one by one, we came down with heavy winter colds.
Talk about dropping like flies...I spent most of yesterday tucked up in bed, sneezing and sniffling! My wonderful husband took care of everything so I barely had to lift a finger all day! I definitely have myself a keeper! :p

Over the past couple of weeks, I've really noticed Noah and Jonah bonding over play a lot more. Jonah has had a bit of a developmental growth spurt and seems far more talkative and mobile than ever. He and Noah have this game they play every evening on their way to the bath. They both crawl up the stairs together and copy each other as one slides back down on their tummy, in pursuit of the other! It's hilarious to watch and Jonah always ends up in fits of giggles, triumphantly keeping pace with his older brother. 

I think Noah has been surprisingly receptive to Jonah's efforts to play with him and be involved in whatever he is doing. They're really so close and have a lot of concern and love for each other. As a parent, it's so satisfying, humbling and extraordinary to witness their bond developing. I always catch myself wondering about the pair of them all grown up and how their friendship will grow with them!

There have been some gorgeous images over on the Instagram hashtag #RaisingThoseRascals this week. (If you're new to Instagram, come and find us on the hashtag and start tagging your images, that way we can all stay in touch!)

I've picked some of my favourites from this week's entries, seriously how adorable are these gorgeous four?! 




I just love the way photos of little ones can convey noises, movements, peace and so much character! And I love that those precious moments captured that could speak a thousand words, what beautiful entries mamas, thanks for supporting!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead, whatever it brings!
I'm getting into full spring mode in our house this week...bring on the tulips in vases spam! (Sorry in advance!) :p



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