Daddy and his lads

Following on from Jonah's one year update, I was thinking about the boys and how much influence they take from us as parents. But particularly their daddy as main 'adventure co-ordinator' of our household. The boys look up to their daddy so much and only ever want to gain his attention and play together. I think it is so important for fathers to spend real quality time with their children and I feel very blessed that our boys have such a wonderful role model in their father.

Since having children, I've really noticed how much the boys look to their dad for all things adventurous and silly; for the wrestling and endless rounds of rough and tumble. Comparatively, they usually look to me for comfort, cuddles, kisses, food and general nurturing. Our roles as mother and father are so different yet, as I'm learning, wonderfully complementary. 

That's not to say that I don't engage in the odd wrestling match with Noah, (believe it or not!) or that Eddy doesn't receive just as much love and attention from the children as me; rather that we each have personal strengths and approaches that our children seem to understand without explanation and need instinctively. 

Motherhood has brought a fresh awareness to me of the importance of fatherhood. I see it from a different perspective now and find it so curious that the specific areas of raising our boys that I know I am particularly rubbish at, Eddy seems to excel at. Whether they are just character traits or more instinctive, it's enormously humbling to feel that in our efforts to craft our boys and prepare them for the future, we can look at each other in the midst of the chaos and know that we are doing OK.

We might not have it all together all of the time, but I feel contented that we are heading in the right direction...even if it does resemble a squiggly line!



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