Jonah turns one!

In case you missed the million and one announcements over the weekend- Jonah turned one on Sunday and i’ve been meaning to get a little update sorted out for the big one year milestone!
It was quite funny the way the weekend worked out. I had all these plans in my head to decorate the house for Jonah. Picture balloons everywhere, banners, a big cake…the lot!
However, on Saturday we all came down with colds. It was fine and the show was still due to go ahead until the day progressed and I began to feel worse and worse! 
By Sunday morning I felt, well, pretty sapped of energy and rather green. Not to mention the guilt that my little bubba was having a rather mundane ‘business as usual’ kinda birthday, I could barely get the words "happy birthday" out of my mouth without having to deal with one of those particularly aggressive coughing fits. Basically, all plans went to pot and it was totally my bad! Ahh, mom fail!

However, Grandma saved the day by inviting us over for tea and cake at hers which was lovely as it allowed Jonah to be the centre of attention! A position he was quite delighted with, I might add.

Jonah is such a sweet little boy. Having had two now, the difference in watching a second baby grow has been quite astonishing. His innate desire to ‘keep up’ with Noah has really spurred on his development and i’m sure it is what inspired him to get up on his feet so soon.

 We are SO close to getting him to sleep through the nights now! I always think sleep is overrated but sometimes I have to admit my attitude is more of a coping mechanism in reality! He doesn’t have any milk during the night but does seem to like waking around 4-5am to be cuddled. We find it easier all round to just pop him in with us to keep the household at peace in the wee hours. I do seem to remember Noah being the same way though, but he settled eventually, so I have hope for Jonah doing the same and sleeping through soon. (Fingers crossed!)

As a family, we have never really been strict enthusiasts of routine. Do the children have routine in their life? Yes! But we so enjoy spontaneity and just going with the flow. I think that is partly why we haven’t put Noah in nursery yet. He definitely has a good 20 years of institutional learning ahead of him, I just want to savour these early years with my boys.
 I think Jonah has really benefitted from having Noah around during the day to copy, follow and learn from. You can see it in his ernest efforts to run before he can walk- often in the direction of Noah. 

Seeing their bond and unity as brothers develop is a privelidge like no other. I see their relationship build completely apart from us as parents. It hints towards the years they will hopefully enjoy as grown up bothers and I can’t wait to see them grow closer as the years pass.

I think that just about covers Jonah's one year update. He continues to fill our lives with such joy and happiness and we are so grateful to have him as part of our family. Our little Jo Jo has stolen our hearts (along with his rather cheeky older brother!) :)



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