Perfect baby sets with Joules

I know i’ve said it before, but when it comes to adding an extra dose of the cute factor to little boy's wardrobes, Joules always seem to have it covered! 

At the moment, Jonah is a little bit between sizes. He’s just beginning to make the transition from baby to toddler and as such, I find myself relying less on onesies and more on the practicality of two pieces which are ideal for dressing wriggly little ones who can't sit still for long!

This little outfit is one of my current favourites from Joules' new collection. I don't know if it's those gorgeous blue stripes, or the lovely London bus design that puts hearts over my eyes, but as a set I know this would be perfect for our little Jonah. 
I love the way it sort of blurs the line between being a pyjama set and a casual daytime outfit. In my opinion, this outfit could definitely be worn either way. In fact, I know that in the past we have mixed and matched similar outfits from Joules for our boys, sometimes using them as daywear and other times for nightwear- talk about being versatile!

The other aspect I love about Joules Jersey sets is how wonderfully soft to the touch they are. Young skin can be sensitive and certain fabrics can be too harsh against delicate bodies. However, we have always gotten on really well with the Jersey fabric Joules use and have never had any problems. They're soft, warm and just beautiful to lull your babies to sleep in!

Mamas, have you had a peek at Joule's new collection baby sets? I warn you now, it's hard to look away!


*Disclaimer: This post is a collaborative effort with Joules, for which I was remunerated. 


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