Little explory legs!

I've really started to notice how much Noah benefits from getting out for a stroll around the village each day. When I know we're going to be spending our day at home, getting time outside to run around really helps him to unleash some of that energy and put it to good use. 
I think because my husband Eddy works from home, I'm always slightly more aware of the noise levels in the house and having a toddler and nearly one year old, it's not always easy to keep a cap on the high pitched shrieks, laughter and tantrums! Thus, getting outside either in the garden, or to stroll around the village is a great way to channel some of Noah's energy.

The other day, Noah and I took a walk around our village together. Jonah was down for his nap and so I knew I had a good hour to take him off and explore some of what nature had to offer. It was really lovely to see him truly enjoying himself and wanting a closer look at the things I take for granted every single day. 

We went in search of muddy puddles and didn't have far to look as Noah immediately spotted one to get sloshing his wellies about in. Seriously, what is it with little boys and mud? 
Having this time outside together was not only productive but so engaging for me too. It's very easy to get caught up in the busy running of the home and forget to stop to smell the roses, literally! Toddlers have a beautiful way of reminding us to be more curious about the world! 

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about the possibility of home schooling our children. It's something that has appealed to me on many various levels for a long time. I think when you're out and about exploring the world first hand, you really feel you are learning the way you ought to be. There's something really freeing and refreshing about the idea and who knows, perhaps we will begin to homeschool ourselves?!

I hope you're all having a fab week!


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