Mother of boys

I have to say, if there was one choice of footwear that I had to commit to for the rest of my life, without any hesitation it would be these: my beaten up, well worn, seven year old Converse! Yes, they are that old! These are my one and only pair of Converse and these have stood the test of just about everything- that is why they have gained my respect over the years. I don't know how these shoes are manufactured but they last in a way that just surpasses my expectations time and time again. 

When Noah came into our lives these already had a good bit of wear on them, but when Noah began charging around the home they quickly became my choice of shoe for the everyday. Comfortable, stylish and keeping me young, Converse know how to make a mother of boys feel fashionable, (even if the rest of me is a mess and my hair hasn't seen so much as a comb all day!)

 I also love how well these wash, making them really easy to keep clean, hygienic and ready to slip on for the next adventure our day brings. For me, quality can only be judged after considerable time. It's easy to buy something new and think, wow, how beautiful does that look?! But actually, if it still wears as well SEVEN years later, then yeah, you struck gold!

As a mother of boys, I have come to realise that it isn't red bull that gives you wings...it's definitely Converse!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,


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