Sweet spring lips!

 I think that deep down most mamas can appreciate the feeling of relief when, after a particularly full-on few hours, a calm coffee, (sipped slowly, not worn!) or a hot shower (enjoyed preferably without peeping little eyes coming in to check on you) can just revitalise you, lift your energy and give you a moment to just…breathe!

For me, makeup has always made me feel a little more human. Whilst I might find myself running on little sleep, or feeling a little overwhelmed with being a mum, the whole world needn’t know and I feel more able to move on when I take a moment for myself to just be ‘Bunty.’ For the last couple of weeks, this lipstick by Estee Lauder has been doing just that! This is Hot Coralline, the most beautiful nude/pink and perfect little addition to my spring makeup bag!

 I love how easily EL lipsticks glide on and the way they stay put for hours. I also love that the packaging is so beautiful. Un-rivaled in my opinion! This is a really lovely colour for spring and so easy to wear either casually or as part of a more glamorous look. Let’s be honest here, I don’t go out on an evening very often, so I’m all about a day time lipstick that can bring a touch of glamour to my every day get up!

Mamas, what is your little secret weapon to give you that boost when you need it most?!



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