A den for dreamers

It had been on my mind for a while to buy the boys a play den of some sort as Noah is so into playing dens, usually comprising bed sheets and carefully positioned chairs, whilst Jonah loves all things 'peek-a-boo' and hiding and re-appearing is something he also loves to play with anyone who will indulge him!  
Sadly, our bed sheets were getting quite a battering and I really wanted to find a safer solution so that the boys could have a little dedicated 'spot' to crawl into and play make-believe, without the house necessarily being turned upside down!

Celebrating Jonah's first birthday last month seemed like a good time as any to have a look about for a den that both the boys would enjoy. When I discovered this teepee online by Cox and Cox, I initially left it in my basket while I continued my search but, typically, in the end I couldn't find anything half as 
I particularly loved that it was made with simple plain white canvas and didn't have any garish prints. Whilst the boys would certainly have loved to see cowboys or dinosaurs printed all over, I knew they would eventually outgrow a particular theme and I wanted to get something that would last and adapt as they grow.
In the end I just went for it and was so happy when this teepee arrived at our door. Greeted with squeals of delighted from Noah, we quickly set about popping our tent up and I think we were all really delighted when we stood back to take in the finished look.

The boys were so excited and, as far as birthday presents go, this one has had more attention from both of them than I could have imagined. They love crawling in there and dragging their favourite books, teddies and blankets to snuggle down with. At the moment, we have the teepee set up in our conservatory where we have hundreds of fairy lights hanging up on the ceiling. Noah and Jonah love settling in here in the evenings and 'star gazing' while they drink their milk and snuggle up, safe and sound.

I love how this tent has already done wonders to encourage the boys own imaginations. Noah, particularly is just on the cusp of that lovely little age where all he wants to do is play 'the hero', whether by capturing imaginary dragons or defeating monsters; he can entertain himself all afternoon with a few simple pieces of dress up clothing and a castle to defend! 

Hopefully come summertime, we might be able to take the teepee outside and enjoy using it in the garden. I know the boys would love to run in and out of this, playing hide and seek on a warm summer's day!

Overall, I've been so delighted with this gorgeous little addition to the kids play room. I love that it is so versatile and can be enjoyed by girls and boys and parents too! It's a real den for dreamers and it totally encourages little explorers to develop their imaginations and dream in make belief!

If you want to check out this teepee for your own little rascals, you can find it (here)!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!


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