Afternoon snack

Happy weekend everybody! We made it! I really feel a sense of accomplishment when Saturday morning rolls around- I think a lot of it has to do with knowing I have my favourite sidekick back with us all weekend making it so special- a thing to be cherished indeed!

Today I wanted to share with you a really simple, totally delicious afternoon snack that I’ve been enjoying most days. I find this fills me till dinnertime and it’s so tasty AND healthy— a perfect afternoon pick me up!

I've been using little recycled glass jars and filling them with one single pot of Activia yogurt with a good sprinkling of granola over the top. These are just so lovely and light and there are so many variations for you to enjoy! I've been particularly loving the raspberry flavoured yogurt with honey drizzled granola, the honey brings that sweet edge that I find myself craving around 4pm, whilst the berry flavours are juicy and vibrant- so good!

With a sprinkling of fruit on the side and a couple of berries placed over the granola, you end up with a dish that looks as though you ordered it from a restaurant! The reality is that this couldn't be more simple to put together. I think this could be a really lovely party idea as we have collected so many of these jars over the years! (These ones are actually old chocolate GU pots- don't get me started on those bad boys!) :p

I normally enjoy this little snack with a cup of mint tea or coffee and a quick skim through whatever homey magazine happens to be floating around my kitchen at the time. What's your favourite afternoon pick me up?

I hope you all have a really wonderful weekend!


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