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When it comes to using decorative accents around the home, I often find myself drawn towards uplifting statements and quotes as I find these can really empower and encourage you as you go about your day. Whilst I'm a total sucker for pretty pictures, framed photographs and flowers(lots of flowers!)- I know I found a real gem when I discovered Paper Daydreams and an altogether refreshing opportunity to decorate the home in a personal and unique way.
 Danni who runs her business Paper Daydreams creates bespoke, personalised pictures using calligraphy to capture favourite quotes and sayings. Having experimented a couple of months ago with a black pen and the words 'she believed she could so she did', she uploaded the image to her Instagram page and was inundated with messages and positive feedback encouraging her to take the leap in setting up her own business!

Danni kindly gifted me two prints of whatever I wanted and (after a long time deliberating) I decided to go with two little phrases that mean a lot to me. I simply provided Danni with my quotes and she took it from there. A couple of days later, I was blown away when she emailed me images of the finished works. Honestly, they just looked so beautiful and really captured the meaning of those words for me. The 'give thanks with a grateful heart' quote is a biblical one which really encourages me to be thankful and mindful of everything we have been blessed with, whilst sparing a thought for those less fortunate than us. The way Danni chose to design these words and knit them together totally encapsulated everything these words portray. The finished piece just looks so celebratory and joyful, she totally surpassed my expectations and I actually felt a little emotional when I pulled out this first poster from its packaging!


For my second piece, I wanted something that equated to love and the importance of family. I decided in the end to ask Danni to design a poster with the words 'You are loved beyond measure'. For me, they just reflect the love in our family, between myself and my husband and for our children also. I also asked Danni if she could include a little heart in this piece and, once more, she totally blew me away with her talent and ability to translate the value of those words in such a beautiful way. 

I absolutely LOVE this piece! I often look at it and long for the days when my boys will be old enough to read the words and be reminded and constantly affirmed by them.

I have had such a wonderful experience working with Paper Daydreams and feel totally inspired by Danni's creativity and extraordinary ability to thoughtfully sketch onto paper the very words embedded in our hearts. 
Danni offers her beautiful drawings at a rate of £5 for any design or £10 for a framed design. Needless to say, I am definitely going to be asking for a few more designs to dot about our home! 
You can find Paper Daydreams over at the lovely Facebook page (here) and see more of Danni's incredible work there!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this little post. By far, it has been one of my favourites to put together! I am still totally in awe of our pretty posters and will keep you posted when our new ones arrive! :)

Have a beautiful week, dear friends!


Disclaimer: This post was a collaborative effort with Paper Daydreams. Whilst I was kindly gifted the products mentioned, all opinions expressed are representative of Bunty Living.


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