Peaceful days well spent

I’m typing this post up on the last day of March, slightly amazed that yet another month seems to have flown by. We’ve come home to Devon for a little post- Easter break and have been enjoying the peace of a slower pace. Eddy and I have always shared a great love of the sea and having grown up so close to the coast, I have always cherished those beautiful vistas our local beaches offer. 


Today we awoke to glorious sunshine and a real sense of spring in the air. We packed up the car with our buckets, spades and nets and headed over to one of our favourite spots- the very same beach Eddy proposed to me on! I always feel so relaxed and calm strolling along this beach, listening to the sounds of rolling waves and the wind moving in and out of the dunes, whipping along the beach front.

 Noah had a great time weaving around the rock pools, looking for treasure and splish-splashing with every step. His curious little feet took him all over the shore investigating and exploring as he went. These are the kinds of days I love more than any other. There was no schedule, nowhere in particular to be and the time just passed completely unawares as we sipped hot chocolates and carried on our walk.

I think Jonah also enjoyed himself as he scampered along holding hands. He's so close to walking by himself now- it won't be long until he is fast at his brother's heels and exploring the world from a different height! 

We've had a really lovely Easter and I feel very blessed that now we're able to have a few quiet days to reflect and unwind after quite a busy week.
 I hope this next month brings you joy and hopefully some more glimpses of the sun as we edge that little bit closer to those glorious summer months.



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