Raising Those Rascals & falling behind!

It’s been a little while since i’ve posted on the subject of my two rascals. Truthfully, real life sometimes takes over and I just haven’t had much space to blog recently. Whilst I do sometimes feel a sense of frustration or ‘falling behind’ those moments do become a bit of a reality check: My blog isn’t my life, it’s just a happy little outlet to share snippets here and there.
 This month I’ve felt like I've really struggled with keeping on top of everything, especially the blog as I just have a massive sense of needing to focus on family life. I feel a change of season on the horizon for us, in our work lives, family life and personal lives and therefore, I also feel a need to be focused and completely aware…I don’t want to get distracted by the impulse to keep up with social media and blogging all at the same time.

So forgive me, friends, the blog is kinda going through an ebb as I give my energy over to our real lives!

But the real joy of blogging is getting to share little moments of joy with you, to feel able in some (albeit small) way to encourage you, (especially all you fellow parents out there!) Honestly, we've not had the easiest of weeks with a poorly Jonah and a tired Daddy working around the clock. It's felt quite challenging and tough to be honest. This past week i've found myself physically challenged to keep up with the children, the house- even managing the grocery shopping has felt like an achievement! 

 But the children have a way of focusing our attention on what's important. Their sweet little smiles and happy demeanours are enough to melt away the clouds in those moments of difficulty. It sounds a bit mushy, but considering Noah has already been on the naughty step 1038448 times this week, and Jonah has got his face down, arms and legs waving tantrums down to a fine art, the laughter and smiles in between have been pure bliss and so perfectly timed to ease my lack of patience! 

This week I am grateful for my husband, most especially his almost telepathic way of understanding when I simply need time out and a moment to myself. I'm grateful for the boys sleeping a little more soundly and having fewer night time wake ups. I'm also grateful for having a heightened sense of peace, in being gentle with myself and not allowing negativity to overcome me. 

This Raising Those Rascals post has turned into a bit of a 'Mummy's gone mad' post- sorry! I would be lying if I painted a 'we got this parenting thing down to a fine art' scenario for you though. We have our good weeks and our more challenging weeks and we learn new things all the time.-We're certainly not perfect! 

When I'm finding myself feeling overwhelmed it definitely helps me to be mindful that this is just a season, a small chapter of our lives and one that one day, we will look back on and yearn to go back to. I'm so aware of the next thirty odd years just zooming past. I can almost see my fifty year old self wishing to relive our Raising Those Rascals years again. Being mindful of that helps me to refocus and purpose to enjoy every moment whilst we have our littles, safely home in our nest!

I hope you have a lovely week, friends!


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