Thank you for nominating me!

I don't normally go in for blog awards as I still consider my little old blog serious small fry next to many of the better known reads out there! However, I had a lovely little surprise yesterday when I was informed that some generous and anonymous people had nominated me for the MAD blog awards 2016, blog of the year category.
To whoever nominated me, whoever you are, you probably don't realise how you completely MADE my evening and that of my husband's.
 I know i'm in the company of some extremely prolific and talented  writers. Being part of something like this is not only tremendously humbling but it has also boosted a bit of confidence that I felt had been flagging in recent weeks.

There are some wonderful bloggers out there, truly inspiring parents and families who are down to earth and real about the raw beauty of raising families through the joys and trials of life. Being able to connect and relate to these writers always fills me with a sense of hope and confidence; normally in that whatever challenge I'm facing, I am certainly not alone in facing! Blogs can be a wonderful source of empowerment and support for people globally and, especially coming from the niche of parenting and raising families, I think this is something truly worth celebrating and encouraging!

I felt in some way, obliged to 'personally' thank whoever nominated me. Your timing couldn't have been more perfect to give me a little boost of encouragement. I appreciate that you enjoy my blog and I hope that it will continue to be a little place of enjoyment where you can come and meet my family, and join us on this crazy journey.

Thank you so very much dear friends, your small act of kindness has made a huge impact! 



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