What I eat for breakfast!

I’m a terrible one for the mid-morning munchies and if I skip out on breakfast, you can be pretty sure that the biscuit tin is going to take full advantage of tempting me over before lunch time! However, keeping a balanced diet is something I am actually learning to really enjoy, in choosing foods that are going to nourish and satisfy me. And the health benefits from filling your body with goodness and limiting the rubbish we consume are undeniable.
As I basically eat the same breakfast day in and day out, I thought I would share it with you as I always notice how pumped and full I feel till lunch time when I have this, as opposed to a piece of toast or a croissant.

I have loved porridge oats since I was little when my dad would make it for my siblings are I. These days, I like to use porridge as my base and mix in fruits, nuts and seeds to pack in as many nutrients as I begin my day. I normally opt for Scotts oats with a little milk and water and then I add any combination of fruits, normally including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas and apples. These are some of my favourite fruits and they go so beautifully together. For added texture and protein I like to mix in nuts and seeds and mostly I opt for a mixed tub which includes flax seeds, sunflower seeds, golden linseed, chia seeds, quinoa and pumpkin seeds. They always taste delicious and I find that just a sprinkling goes a really long way, meaning one tub lasts a long time!

Finally, I love to shake some cinnamon powder on my porridge. It helps that I'm obsessed with cinnamon but this works so well with everything else! Unexpectedly, perhaps- but as the porridge warms the cinnamon, it's honestly the most comforting, delicious breakfast I could think of! And it's a great sugar replacement instead of using honey or maple syrup!

I normally eat this along with a coffee or tea and a pint of water each morning and it really keeps me going until lunch time. It's also a great fuel before a morning workout making such a positive difference to my energy levels compared with the times I have worked out on an empty stomach! 

What do you eat for breakfast?



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