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Happy Friday my dears!
Today I wanted to share with you a little corner of my bedroom that I love. I was torn between doing a post on my dressing table area or my bedside table but in the end I figured this could be a fun little sneak peek into a part of my ‘end of day’ routine. Bedside tables are quite a practical necessity for most of us, but I think they also give a glimpse into your personality, the things you love and how you like to unwind. 

Our bedside tables are pretty tiny as far as bedside tables go! I knew I didn’t want anything too large when I bought them, just enough space for the essentials and I was really happy when they arrived and I could see how cute they looked nestled up to our bed. I bought ours as a set of two from Amazon and I love the two little drawers which offer extra storage for books, diaries, spare lip balm, pacifiers for Jonah…you know, the usual! It seems Noah also loves to hide random things inside and often I will open a drawer to find a little collection of his cars, that earring I had been searching for, or some of his pennies! You never really know what you might find but I am grateful for the extra storage and being able to keep clutter to a minimum by stowing trinkets away and out of sight.

The surface of my little table changes from week to week, but at the moment it looks like this. I have my Clarins hand and nail treatment cream which I apply last thing before sleep. It might seem a little excessive but I suffer from extremely dry skin on my knuckles and this stuff works like magic overnight to help relieve some of the discomfort. I also plonk my phone down here last thing at night. Normally it will go on charge and sit there until the alarm sounds in the morning.

I like to apply this lip balm my Elizabeth Arden last thing at night. Again, my lips seem to be permanently dry, regardless of how much water I drink. This is such a beautiful, luxurious balm that gets to work while I sleep and leaves my lips silky soft and smooth. I love it!
You've probably seen my 'Line a day' book before. I bought this last July and have been writing in it every day since! It's a five year diary that offers you a few lines to summarise each passing day. I write in mine just before I go to sleep and I love doing this as it's such a great way to reflect on the day and process it. It's also so nice that I now have months already written up and I can go back to any random date to see what we were up to, what milestone one of the children made or how I was feeling on any given day. 

My current book will also be found on my bedside table and at the moment I am re-reading (for the millionth time) Anna Smith's 'Meet Mrs Smith'- boy does she have some wonderful tips on motherhood and raising a big family! In case you don't already know, Anna is married to Martin Smith, one part of the incredible christian band Delirious? (1992-2009) who took the christian music industry by storm! Her candid and beautifully written account documents life as a mother of a growing family, juggling the highs and lows of domestic life along with a band that was making it big time. Reading about how the family would load into the big tour bus to set off across America over the summer is quite eye-opening and glimpsing how the families functioned with the husbands of the band on the road so often is extremely uplifting and refreshing. Anna writes with real humour and transparency and every time I reach for her book I find new elements resonating with me as a fellow mother of a growing family! Reading her book really feels like listening to a dear friend- she is definitely one lady I would love to meet someday!

Finally, on my bedside table I like to have a candle which I can light in the evenings. At the moment I have this gorgeous heart one which I just love! (Still haven't lit it yet as I can't bring myself to spoil the perfect wick!)- Sad, I know!

I think that is just about everything for now, I've linked below to where you can have a closer look at most of the products mentioned:

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


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