When less is more

I read a blog post recently that dealt with the idea of feeling guilty when you take a break from the internet. It spoke about the anxiety or guilt that can be felt for not putting out images on social media constantly, for not blogging at a speed of light and posting a million pieces a day and for allowing yourself to have a clean break from it all. 
It's a strange thing I would never have been able to relate to a while back, but in recent months I too have felt a certain pressure to 'keep going' when i've felt pulled in lots of different directions.
With social media there can be this huge 'trend' to keep your profile at the forefront of every body else's mind and, ultimately to run after this goal of fame and self interest. I find it a really curious thing because I know as humans we all need to be affirmed, to be valued and to really know who we are. Yet sometimes social media and the internet can act as a catalyst and drive us into a bit of a frenzy, searching for likes, or a following and essentially a sense value which is totally based on a pseudo- reality and not a concrete truth.

I've also found it really interesting that in the times when I've stepped back and slowed my pace, I've felt in myself a lot more able to see and be critical about the amount of time I spend looking at my phone or down the lens of a camera. We weren't created to live life through the lens of a camera after all and whilst I have perfected the art of running for the camera when the children do something that seems just magical, I also feel I am learning to respect that some events should be left to memory and not everything needs to be photographed, documented and recorded. Life should be spontaneous and sometimes I recognise the camera can impact that and distract us from really living in the moment. 

I've entrusted a lot of my personal questions about blogging as a mother to prayer; the 'how much is too much?' the 'what am I even doing here?' questions that take time to really figure out. Coincidentally, I have also found that when I do take a break and ease up on being attached to social media and the blogging world, those are the times when I find more opportunities arising for the blog to grow in new ways.

Just this week I had an incredible opportunity appear in the form of an email inviting me to work with a fantastic magazine in the next few months. It may seem silly but the conversation that ensued was a bit of an answer to prayer in itself, just affirming the possibility of growth in new and unexpected directions. Just when I find myself on the cusp of giving in, something new takes shape and reminds me that our God can be an eleventh hour God- full of surprises! But what an opportunity to learn and grow?!

Anyway, I felt prompted to share these thoughts because they are so translatable to life in general. Whether you are social media savvy or not, we are all on a quest in life to love and be loved. Contrary to what the world, media and internet drive us to believe, I think sometimes it's important to focus on loving others before seeking to be loved yourself. Motherhood teaches me a whole lot about that, and so does the world.

It's good to have a 'less is more' approach and right now, I think that is where I feel most at peace- with regards to this little corner of the internet anyway! 

I hope you all have a truly blessed Easter!


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