14 weeks pregnant

Wow- the weeks are really beginning to fly! I feel like these last six or so have just gone so quickly and now it's only going to be a matter of weeks before our next ultrasound. Crazy!
This week saw my first real clothing challenge! I needed something to wear to my niece's baptism on Sunday and nothing in my wardrobe seemed to fit right. Whilst my bump is still pretty small, (note these photos were taken straight after dinner, my bump looks a lot bigger than it really is!) it's amazing how just a couple of extra inches can totally change the way clothes hang on you. Needless to say, I had to do a fair bit of rooting around on Asos to come up with something that would work and still be comfy!

 Total weight gain: Still only gained a couple of pounds so far, so my weight seems to be hovering- all in preparation though, i'm sure!

Maternity clothes: Not wearing any official maternity clothes yet but I've gone right off my skinny jeans. I get to about lunchtime and find them digging into my bump which is just super uncomfortable. I need to buy some more maternity jeans as my last pairs got worn to their death! They even ended up with holes in them so I will be hopefully looking to buy a couple of new pairs in the not too distant future.

Stretch marks: No new ones! I'm just getting to the point where i'll start lathering my tummy with bio oil to help the elasticity of the skin. Ultimately, it just comes down to genes and your skin type as to whether you'll develop stretch marks or not but I've so far managed to avoid any on my tummy region. I like to think the oils may have helped a bit in my previous pregnancies!? They certainly have helped so much to relieve the tight, itchy feeling later on in pregnancy as the skin really does have to stretch a long way!

Sleep: This week i've had so many nightmares and really vivid, non- sensical dreams. I think it's probably hormone related but I've definitely found myself struggling to go through the night undisturbed by them!

Best moment this week? A really lovely treat was going out for lunch with my mother in law and then getting my nails done. I came home in the early evening and my husband, having taken care of the children virtually all day, looked at me and said how much respect he had for me being home with them 24/7 and what an eye opener it was for him to experience the joy of being a stay at home dad for the day! That comment really touched me, I may have even shed a little tear!

Food cravings: Nothing specific this week, but I find myself just craving general food quite frequently!

Anything making you feel queasy or sick? Smells are still getting me down a bit. I cannot stand the smell of the fridge, or chemical cleaning products. I seem to smell things so much faster than any one else in our household at the moment and whilst they're normally pretty inoffensive things like the dinner cooking, I'm finding it really hard to not feel nauseous.

Gender: Don't know yet but we will hopefully be finding out at our 20 week scan!

Symptoms: Had a little heartburn going on this week which is a classic 'you're pregnant Bunty' sign from my body as I only ever get it when expecting! It wasn't that bad though and again, it wasn't anything a rennie couldn't resolve! I've been feeling tired mainly but with the other boys to look after I think I just manage to get on somehow. Not really having the same opportunities to rest or put my feet up kinda forces me to keep going until I really do feel exhausted. It sounds kinda bad writing it but actually, it's been helpful and the boys are such a lovely distraction when I am feeling a bit below par. Chasing them about and physically being on the move definitely helps my energy levels!

I think that is everything for this week's update!
Don't forget to check back next week for my 15th week pregnancy update! That sounds mad to me!



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