A date to remember

Earlier today, Noah and I went off for a little time out together as just the two of us. I happened to have a couple of errands to run and he really wanted to come along too, so in the end we decided to make a little mummy/son date out of it. 
Noah asked if we could go in search of cupcakes and so that quickly became the focus of our time and energy! We called into Costa coffee and had a little treat as we people watched, car counted, bird spotted and simply enjoyed hanging out together.

Thinking about it, it was the first time in a long time that Noah and I had been out together alone and it was made all the more enjoyable by his happy little demeanour as he toddled along beside me holding hands. Normally when I'm by myself with the kids, I find myself avoiding highly busy places as I find it can be overwhelming for them and it makes it harder to deal with behaviour when they begin to get tired. But I have to say whilst, admittedly I was crossing my fingers in the hopes that our trip out would be smooth with no tantrums or running off, Noah behaved so beautifully for me! He was content to just be in my company and let me guide him around and for that, I was not only thankful but also so proud of him!

I feel as though we turned a corner today or at least I've realised that Noah is getting older and more able to cope with busy public environments. It was really enjoyable for me to spend some time with him and to watch his face light up in delight as he was spoiled (just a tad) by his mama.

It was certainly a date to remember and hopefully, something we can make more of a regular thing now!



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