A little taste of paradise

This week has been quite full on in various ways. There seems to be loads happening at the moment and, admittedly, I've found myself feeling a little strained by it all. However, the other day we had the rare opportunity to merge a business trip with an overnight stay at an exquisite location! We found ourselves in sunny Norfolk on Thursday and checked into a truly beautiful B&B where we were honestly felt treated as if we were family. No task was too great for our lovely host who, on hearing we were hoping to find a cosy little spot for some dinner, made all the arrangements on our behalf and was only too glad to book us into a truly incredible pub restaurant that same night.

When we were led to our room and upon stepping inside, I literally felt my shoulders relax as I took in the stunning surroundings and the incredible views of the pool below and the sweeping countryside vista in the background. 

Our room not only had incredible views that you could sit and gaze at for hours, but it was also so thoughtfully and beautifully decorated to a standard that had me taking mental notes for future 
renovation plans! 

Eddy was particularly excited about the Nespresso machine that could quickly whip up all kinds of delicious beverages at just the click of a button. For me though, it was the freestanding bath in our lovely en-suite that caught my attention as soon as we were shown around. This truly was a thing of beauty! I knew exactly where I was going to be spending my evening after our dinner- soaking in this tub with a good book on the go! And truthfully, it was just heavenly!

Considering we are very rarely without the children, day or night for that matter, it was initially a very strange feeling to be settling in for the night somewhere without the usual unwind routine of feeds, baths, bedtime stories, cuddles etc! I missed my little munchkins and actually thought I would turn into a nervous wreck worrying about them! However, as my husband reminded me, sometimes we parents also need a break and to be reminded of who we are as individuals too.

We slept like princes and awoke to the most magnificent breakfast the following morning. I began my day with delicious fruits, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, fresh coffee and orange juice. Honestly- that feast kept me full all day! 
On Friday we had a full day of meetings and whilst we knew the 'relaxing' part of our stay had come to an end, it was so lovely to have been able to incorporate a little 'us time' into a work trip. The quiet and stillness that I felt in having a few hours away allowed me to mentally unwind and think my own thoughts with a clarity that is not normally a part of my day to day. 

This was a truly memorable trip and as we checked out on Friday morning, we both felt an enormous sense of having being rested and recuperated. My only problem is that I don't think we will be able to stay away for long now!

If you are looking for an escape in Norfolk, I couldn't recommend Reeds Barn more highly! From the welcome you receive to the quality of care and attention to detail, you'll soon find yourself in a little bubble of joy as you unwind from the cares of the day!



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