Clinique sonic brush

I've secretly had my eye on the Clinique sonic face brush since it launched and ever since then I've been looking for an excuse to buy one. Clinique's answer to the popular Clarisonic system, I had heard wonderful things about these brushes and how effective they are for really cleansing the skin from impurities.

When I received one for my birthday, I was pretty darn excited to begin using it. Once charged, the brush is ready to be used and should last a few weeks before needing a thorough recharge. The brush itself is completely waterproof, meaning that you can use it in the bath or shower- wherever suits you best.

Clinique recommend that you begin by building up to a one minute cleanse twice a day. This is easy to track as the sonic system only stays live for 30 seconds before automatically switching off. This gives you the option of either switching the brush back on and continuing with your routine, or moving onto the next clarifying stage of the Clinique three step system. I think the 30 second timer is so handy, especially for travel meaning that should the brush accidentally get knocked in transit and spring to life, it would only ever be left on for 30 seconds and thus, the battery life would not be compromised!

I have to say, I noticed pretty instantaneous results when I began using my brush a few weeks ago. My skin felt incredibly smooth and clean, a feeling that no flannel or manual face brush has never been able to deliver. I can only liken the feeling to a real sense that the brush is working to draw out impurities and pollution from the skin as you gently move it around your face.

I've been using my brush with Clinique's three step skin routine and have found these products wonderfully complementary to the sonic system. I squeeze a small amount of the liquid facial soap directly onto my brush and, after splashing my face with water, I gently move the brush around my face allowing the slightly tougher green bristles to work around my t-zone and using the soft white bristles for the other areas. Once I am finished using the brush, I rinse my face with warm water and pat dry with a clean cloth. 

The second step is to use the Clinique Clarifying lotion. With a few splashes of this onto a cotton wool pad, I gently sweep this across my face, paying particular attention around my t-zone whilst making sure to avoid my eye area. This lotion leaves such a tingly, clean feeling and makes my skin just feel as though its glowing! After this step, the final part of my routine is to use Clinique's dramatically different moisturiser and gently work it into my face and neck. This is a cream I have used many times in the past and seem to come back to time and time again. It's so lovely, fresh and light and it just makes your face feel hydrated and plumped; ready to apply makeup or equally, prepped for a good night's sleep!

I've been really delighted with this new skincare routine and I think Clinique have developed something truly special here. In today's world where pollution is at such a high level, we can often forget that our faces take quite a hit from the air around us. Having a tool which is going to really combat this already feels like such a beneficial investment in the long run.

I hope you found this post helpful, what are your thoughts on the sonic system?


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