Dig deep mama!

I saw a meme on social media a few weeks back that really made me chuckle. It went along the lines of "I'm a mom...what's your superpower?" 
Obviously, this is hardly something I would say aloud to anybody but deep down, I have to admit I found myself drawing strength from it this week. I guess a lot has being going on in our personal lives recently and there's quite a bit to fill you in on over the coming weeks. But this particular week has been quite a challenge as a parent. Emotionally, physically and mentally I have felt pushed to new limits with coping with a sick baby and severe lack of sleep!
It seems such a standard 'parent remark' to make, doesn't it? In fact, lack of sleep is something I should really be used to by now and not complaining about, especially on here! But oh my word, this week has forced both Eddy and I to dig deep and find strength to keep going.

Incase you've missed my posts on social media, Jonah contracted the hand, foot & mouth virus which seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. Annoyingly, it's one of those viruses that can have quite varied reactions in children a bit like the chicken pox. Whilst some only get mild symptoms and don't appear to be too bothered by it, others get hit pretty hard and really suffer their way through it. His poor hands, legs, face and mouth came out with the tell-tale rash which turned into these big nasty blisters everywhere and looked so sore and uncomfortable. The poor little guy had a fever and couldn't sleep or eat for a couple of days and it was a real challenge as a parent to comfort him when he seemed unconsolable. 

The other night, Eddy and I pulled a complete all-nighter just taking care of Jonah and found ourselves delirious with fatigue the following day. But it was nothing compared with how much little Jo was suffering and it broke me to see him so upset with it all. That night the phrase 'I'm a mom, what's your superpower' popped into my head again and I found myself drawing comfort from it for a while. Now, I am definitely not a 'super mum by any means'- I don't really believe there is such a thing? And I wouldn't consider myself to have superpowers either for that matter! However, from my children's perspective I can do all things and be all things. They totally trust and love me and count on me to be there always. Their trust in me gives me strength in the sheer responsibility that goes with it and I think that, in a way, is what gives us mamas 'superpowers'.

There's nobody like mother to soothe a crying baby and I am reminded of this every single day. Whilst I didn't stop to appreciate the gravity of this complete honour when I was tearing my hair out with exhaustion, I am so very thankful for my motherhood and for the immense trust and innocent love that my boys have for me. After all, they make me mama and they inspire me to keep on going when the night is long and my energy is spent.

I'm so thankful to be able to write the words Jonah is doing better! His sweet little personality is returning and his blisters seem to be receding a little today. I'm looking forward to getting home again this weekend, once Jonah is fit to travel and hopefully watching him return completely to his cheery little self once more!

I hope you're all having a lovely week!


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