Raising Those Rascals

Hello everybody & welcome back to a very belated Raising Those Rascals post! I'm sorry it's been forever but I feel as though I've hardly had a chance to look at the blog in recent weeks. You know what it's like though, sometimes life just takes crazy turns and you find yourself running around like a headless chicken, just trying to keep up! 

Anyway, apologies aside, I really wanted to squeeze in a little post while I have a spare few moments. Whilst life takes all sorts of dips and turns, our children are, in a way a real constant in the midst of change. They anchor our family more than they realise and I find myself inspired every day to do more and be more for them. 

Jonah is just on the verge of stepping out on his own two feet. I keep catching him standing by himself and gingerly taking a few steps before toppling over. Every day is another reminder that Jonah  is soon to be charging around the place alongside his brother and I'll be wondering at what point my baby grew into a toddler!

We're currently spending a few days at my parent's house enjoying 
a post-Easter catch up. It's such a rarity that my side of the family come together these days so I really treasure the few days of the year when we're actually all under the one roof. The children have so enjoyed being around their cousins, aunties and uncles and of course, Granny and Grand-dad are always around to spoil them with love and affection.

 I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration with loved ones? Ours was beautiful- filled with good food, copious amounts of chocolate and very excited children running about the place! Now that April has finally arrived, I feel we can begin to look forward to summer and dream about all the fun and adventure the holidays bring. With a one year old and a nearly three year old, I am sure this year is going to bring us a lot of entertainment and fun!

I've felt really touched that despite my lack of posting about it on the blog, the hashtag over on Instagram is thriving and growing with new mamas joining the group. It's definitely one of my favourite places to scroll through and instantly feel a genuine sense of community and togetherness- thank you everyone for your continued support!

I've included here a few of my favourite posts on the hashtag, how gorgeous are these beautiful contributions!?

Top left: @littlemaldod
Top right: @mamabibiana
Bottom left: @soprettylily
Bottom right: @insideoabout



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