Simple spring style

I thought it would be nice to kick start the month of April with a little informal post about a 'mum style' look i've been loving at the moment. Truthfully, I'm currently lazing on the sofa wearing pyjamas with my hair in a messy bun and not a scrap of makeup on! I look a sight for sore eyes and just for the humour of showing you what my get up for 80% of the time looks like, I actually feel a little tempted to show you my actual 'i'm not seeing anybody today' look! Haha! 

Fear not though, I shall refrain from sharing that rather unique look!  Instead, I thought I would share a simple outfit I have been repeating loads recently. I'm a bit of a magpie for statement trousers and when I found these in Tesco's of all places, well, I found myself doing a double take and finding an excuse to pop back around to the clothing aisle for a closer look. They're a sort of mustard tone (I can't help but think perfect for Autumn too!) and they fit really nicely up on my waist. 

With quite a busy trouser, I like to keep the rest of the outfit fairly neutral and understated. This light duster coat from New Look has a lovely shape and fit. It's so easy to pair with various other pieces which was what drew me to it initially. I love how light and flowy it is, perfect for spring when you still need an extra layer but don't necessarily want anything too heavy!

My sandals are from M&S and were bought on a total whim. I was in London recently and after a morning walking around the Country Living fair, realised my feet were covered in blisters! Desperate for some relief, I picked these sandals up and I have been living in them since! They're so comfy and easy to wear and with absolutely no breaking in necessary either, they're a total winner in my book!

I love this look for those days when I actually have somewhere to be. It's totally comfortable and practical for keeping up with the family whilst still making me feel relatively current (dare I say so!)

I hope you're having a lovely week friends!


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