Styling the bump in pink!

This weekend saw us celebrating our little niece's baptism- such a beautiful occasion and day! Unfortunately, in the run up to the weekend I found myself in a bit of a pickle just trying to find a suitable outfit to wear that didn't make me look like a regular humpty dumpty. Whilst my pregnancy bump is still quite small, I am noticing huge changes in the way clothes fit and hang on my body. 
For example, I am finding myself avoiding tight jeans a lot, whilst favouring light, flowy tops which are so good for helping to flatter and conceal!

After a couple of sessions trawling through Asos, I managed to come up with the makings of an outfit that I felt would work for my transitioning shape. I really wanted to wear high waisted trousers but I kept sending pairs back as they just seemed to emphasise my belly and frankly, did nothing for it! But I managed to find this pair which I fell in love with! They're a linen blend and such a happy baby pink colour- I thought they would be perfect for a little girl's christening!
When these arrived, they were actually too big. As I knew I was going to team them with this longline sleeveless duster coat from Primark, I managed to discreetly pin them at the sides to shave off a couple of excess inches! It worked a treat and still they were nice and loose enough to just cover my bump without drawing too much attention.

Knowing that I had a statement shoe in mind to wear (these seriously stunning and very purse friendly kitten heels from Primark), I decided to wear a cream blouse which I also picked up from Asos. This one has a really beautiful crochet detailing across the front and back and on the sleeves too. I thought this would look really feminine and pretty against the duster coat and the combination of pink hues. And, having such intricate detailing around the shoulders, in a way I felt it would encourage eyes away from my expanding waistline!

I definitely think my favourite element of this look were the shoes. So often for me, they are an afterthought or the last thing I consider when putting an outfit together. I normally decide what I'm wearing first and just hope I have a pair of shoes that sorta goes with the vibe. However, when I picked up these ones in Primark (for just £10!!) I was really excited to assemble an outfit that really let them 'do the talking'.
 Again, with it being the Baptism of our niece, I thought pink would be such a lovely place to start when it came to finding something to wear. 

I kept my accessories fairly minimal with just a pair of pastel pink drop earrings and my diamond tennis bracelet.(An heirloom 21st gift from my parents which only sees the daylight on special occasions!) 

It was a really beautiful day filled with a lot of joy and happiness as the families gathered to celebrate one of our newest little additions! It was also really nice to have had the chance to try out a few outfits and actually feel confident and happy in what I chose in the end. We're getting towards the stage where this bump is going to pop and I certainly won't be wearing high waisted trousers for too much longer! But it's fun experimenting with styles and coming up with ways to dress a bump for a slightly more formal occasion!

Speaking of formal, my brother in law is getting married next month and I still have no idea what to wear! Classic, unorganised me! Any good maternity suggestions would be very welcome at this point, mamas! :)



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