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Litttle shoes

Barely a couple of hours after bringing these summer sandals home they had already seen their first water marks and scuffs as Noah charged about the place, happy as anything to finally have something light and comfortable on his feet in the hot weather.
There is a reason I don't fork out crazy money on the kids clothing and shoes and this is exactly it! We'll be lucky if these sandals make it through the summer without more scuffing but I wanted to mention them because they solved a lot of problems for me!

With the glorious heatwave that came on last week, I realised Noah didn't have any sandals that fitted him. He had been coping in socks and trainers up till that point and I felt really bad at how hot his poor little toes were getting. I made a quick dash to our local Next shop and saw they had these little leather sandals for boys- the perfect solution!

Being such an open shoe, they allow his feet to breathe and he hasn't been feeling as uncomfortable when he's been running about outside. It helps that they are also really cute and just make me think of Noah as a miniature version of his daddy! Simple as they are, there is something about these sandals that seems quite grown up to me! 

Noah has been busying himself with the art of putting on and taking off these sandals by himself- a feat he has been quite impressed with himself for achieving! I have to say I'm just really happy that they fit and feel comfortable on him. 
Whilst Noah has always preferred having nothing on his feet and will always take that option when available, I think even he has found these sandals to be a happy compromise that take away the 'ouchies' that come with walking about the garden bare footed!

These are a great budget friendly pair of sandals, (I think I paid about £12 for them) and being leather, they should hopefully wear well and continue to allow his feet to breathe in the sunshine!

Have any of you been on the hunt for toddler summer shoes? I'd love to know your suggestions!


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Happy spring days

I've been so enjoying spring recently. Every morning we are woken to the sounds of lambs playing literally just beyond our garden fence and the sunshine fills our home! 
I have found myself pottering about the place, welcoming the change of seasons into our home by adding small touches of seasonal flowers, breaking out the pastel coloured shades from my wardrobe and stepping outside to breathe in the sweet fragrance of freshly cut grass!

Idyllic as it might sound, normal life has been resuming around the glorious show of spring all around us. I feel as though we have been as busy as ever keeping up with the children, learning how to parent them every single day. I'm so aware that we are right at the start of our journey raising our boys and hardly have any of the answers. We persevere, sometimes blindly but little by little our efforts to instill courage, kindness and respect are rewarded when, particularly Noah says or does something that truly amazes us!

One of the things I'm trying to do at the moment is really to rest in the present. I am a terrible one for always living in the future; the what's happening in an hour, five hours, tomorrow...you get the picture! Whilst for me I think it's a way of mentally keeping on top of what's going on in our diaries and lives, sometimes it prevents me from really living in the moment. A personal challenge for myself this month is to just be mindful of the present and to enjoy the little things, especially all those lovely little moments with the children.

I can't really comprehend that we are in May now, that summer is creeping closer and we are moving ever closer to the day when we welcome our newest little babe! But I'm going to live in this spring season and try to appreciate each moment as it comes.
 The children are loving being able to be outside more, running about and exploring their little corner of the world. Nature has a great way of naturally tiring and exercising us and it's just lovely to be able to take advantage of it more now that we're seeing slightly warmer temperatures and the sunshine!

I hope you all have a lovely week, happy May!


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Uncle Jack UK Launch

 There's something inside me that always gets a bit excited when I discover new, exciting brands that offer something a little different. When Uncle Jack asked me to take part in their UK launch, I was not only incredibly flattered to have been approached but also extremely delighted to play a part in spreading the word about a watch that is so wearable and stylish.

Contemporary, sleek and cool; uncle Jack designs combine style with a practical, easy to wear shape which compliments both men and women. A seemingly impossible attempt, somehow these unisex watches really do work either as a male or female accessory.

Uncle Jack first launched in Melbourne, Australia and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing watch brands in the world! From humble beginnings to developing a global reach and now with offices based in Melbourne and London, Uncle Jack is paving the way for other watch brands and is leading with confidence in such a versatile and ever changing market.

In all honestly, I've personally never been a huge watch wearer. I suppose I've always favoured bare wrists and unfussy jewellery on my arms. However, I have to admit Uncle Jack are one of the first brands to make me think twice about the beauty of a watch. Not only in the obvious time keeping benefits as a busy mother, but as an accessory that can really pull a look together, watches do have this incredibly clever way of polishing off an outfit!

My rose gold Uncle Jack watch is clean cut, minimal and unfussy. The generously proportioned face sits easily on the wrist and flatters both masculine and feminine features. It truly is a beautiful timepiece and being fairly neutral and unfussy itself, it is also incredibly easy to style without compromise.

Uncle Jack watches have just launched in the UK and the team have offered me a discount code to share with you for £10 off when you shop at their online store. Simply type (unclejackuk) into the promotional offers space as you checkout to redeem the discount.

As far as watch brands go, this one is definitely one of my favourites. I love everything from the minimal design to the dial size and I think this is a watch that will become a staple part of my everyday style.

Do feel free to head on over to Uncle Jack to read more about their story and perhaps have a little peruse of their other designs!


*Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Uncle Jack watches. Whilst I was kindly gifted my watch, all opinions expressed are representative of Bunty Living

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