15 weeks pregnant

Yesterday I turned 15 weeks and I'm starting to wish I had a pause button- they are just flying by! All of a sudden our gender reveal is a matter of weeks away and we find ourselves charging towards the half way mark. With all of summer still to go, October does feel like a long way off but I know I'll blink and we'll be at that final countdown once again!

 Seasoned mamas, you know the million feelings that surround you at this point in pregnancy. Whilst we are elated and beyond excited to meet our little one, we're still anxious and nervous, and I'm gonna call it right now- i'm absolutely dreading labour! 
I saw my midwife a few weeks ago and upon trying to relay some of my biggest fears and anxieties about this labour (based on a very stressful experience last time around), her response was "third time around, you'll be having a home birth won't you?"- Thank you God in that moment for holding my tongue!

Anyway, this week has been lovely, for the most part i've felt well and energised and just really happy! I'm really grateful that with two other little lads to take care of, all in all i've had a very seamless pregnancy so far!

Weight gain: I seemed to have lost a bit of weight this week so I'm back down at my starting weight again. It is fluctuating quite a bit though so I guess we will see what this next week brings!

Maternity clothes: I bought a pair of maternity jeans from New Look this week but I was so disappointed with them. I bought them online so I hadn't tried them on previously but when I did, I was kind of shocked by how badly cut they were. They literally began falling down with every step I took! I think the elasticated waist doesn't help that problem but I just can't wear them as they require pulling up literally every two seconds! 
Mamas, I would be so grateful for your recommendations! I'm wondering whether to try the Topshop ones? Any thoughts?

Stretch marks: No new ones! 

Sleep: I love sleep at the moment- or any time for that matter! Just recently I have been finding myself craving a cheeky afternoon nap though! The boys are doing a little better through the nights too so our sleeping on the whole has been pretty unbroken which is sweet relief.

Food cravings: Craving salty things this week. And wotsits! I bought a multipack for the kids last week but Noah didn't really like them. I however, have rekindled my old love for them!

Anything making you feel queasy or sick? Sadly, the smell of coffee :( I just can't force it anymore! It really upsets my nose when I can smell Eddy brewing a pot- maybe it'll calm down after the pregnancy?

Symptoms: I've had quite a good week symptom-wise, I haven't really had any! My bump doesn't really seem any bigger and that, coupled with the fact that I'm not really gaining weight at the moment is the only thing that seems to mark this pregnancy as different to the others. With the boys, my weight piled on regardless of what I ate or how I exercised. Could this little one be a girl I wonder?

I think that is just about everything for this week's update. I'm trying to get back on the exercise wagon again as I've had a few down weeks getting over morning sickness. I did try to do a full on workout the other day but ended up feeling faint so I stopped half way through. I find walking a few miles with the boys is a nice, gentle way to just keep the cogs turning though- perhaps that will be my 'go to' workout for the next little while!

I hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend! 


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