16 weeks pregnant!

Yet another Monday rolled around yesterday pushing me into the next week of this pregnancy-16 weeks are now complete! Apparently the baby is now the size of an avocado, weighs about 3.53 oz and measures 4.57 inches from crown to rump- Amazing progress really considering it wasn't long ago when this little one would have been the size of a lentil!

Total weight gain: I don't know if our scales are broken but my weight seems to have been fluctuating vastly this week! I guess it makes sense as I'm definitely feeling a little more round in the tummy region. In total I would say I've probably gained about 5lbs so far. It's a little less than this point last time around but I know too well how easily it can change. I guess we will see what happens this week!

Maternity clothes: I haven't bought any new maternity clothes this week but I am loving wearing normal maxi skirts and light midi skirts. I bought a lovely pleated grey jersey skirt from Oasis recently and found it was actually a little too big. But it is so comfy to wear and i'm sure in a few weeks time it will be a brilliant option- especially if this gorgeous weather is going to be sticking around, fingers crossed!

Sleep: I am feeling increasingly tired by early evening and have been trying to get to bed extra early to compensate. I kinda just want my energy back so that I can feel more productive during the day but I've been stuck in a bit of a rut with fatigue this week- cannot get enough of sleep!

Best moment this week: Jonah is really taking off with his walking and it's so exciting to watch him. You can tell how proud of himself he is with his triumphant expression which really shines through on his face- along with the fact he likes to congratulate himself with a clap nearly every time! These are such special memories and like with Noah, I know I will treasure these early toddler days.
Also, I had an antenatal appointment this week where I got to listen  to baby's heartbeat for the first time! It was amazing and reassuring to know that he or she is happy enough in there.

Miss anything? I have missed my energy this week. I've found it really tiring just doing normal, mundane tasks and that just isn't like me! We've had a busy week though with lots going on. Perhaps when normal life settles down I will feel a bit more like myself!?

Anything making you feel queasy or sick? Still the same as last week- coffee is a problem! I still cant stand the smell and haven't drank any in days now. I also feel off if I don't eat something regularly throughout the day so I'm back to my 'little and often' pregnancy meals!

Movement: I've been quite aware of trying to notice those early flutters of baby moving about but still nothing to report! I'm hopeful that either this week or next we will have our first sensation of movement! 

So I think that is probably about everything for this week's update!
I hope you all have a lovely one too!


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