17 weeks pregnant

Well, this week certainly crept up on us! Whilst it’s been full of the hustle and bustle of moving house; packing, unpacking...you get the drift, it somehow has passed by in what seems like no time! I won’t lie, i’m actually very happy to be at this side of last week and looking forward to some lovely family events coming up!

Total weight gain: I didn't really gain this week so i'm still at about 5lbs up since my starting point. It seems pretty consistent with my other pregnancies so far so i'm happy enough with that!

Maternity clothes: I'm doing okay in low-rise normal jeans but the high waisters are definitely not going to be around for much longer. My bump seems more prominent earlier in the day now and so I find jeans are noticeably tighter more quickly after putting them on! Whereas a few weeks ago I could reach late afternoon before feeling them digging into my tummy, these days it seems I pop right out after breakfast! 

Best moment this week? We took the kids to Clumber Park on saturday and it was just a really lovely afternoon out cycling around the most stunning countryside. I'm going to post on it soon because it was just spectacular and definitely a highlight of the week for all of us. It's so lovely to be able to spend more time outside and now that the boys are getting to be more mobile it's nice to take advantage of being more active and going off on adventures as a family!

Movement: Still not felt any movement which doesn't really surprise me as I think it wasn't till about week 19 of my last pregnancy that I definitely felt those early flutters. But who knows, this is baby no:3 so perhaps i'll get to feel movement a little earlier on this time?!

Food cravings: I wouldn't say I'm craving anything specific but I have definitely noticed an increase in appetite and I find myself feeling thirsty a whole lot more!

Gender: We find out in 3 weeks time! That in itself seems like it has crept up on us so quickly- I absolutely cannot wait!

Symptoms: I think just recently I've begun to feel in myself that I'm pregnant. Third time around those little changes that used to go unnoticed seem more obvious to me and I feel really aware of my body going through the motions. That seems quite vague but I guess things like my tummy feeling uncomfortable, especially at night time is a symptom I have been feeling much earlier this time around. I also need the loo constantly which is one symptom I didn't miss one bit! Good old pregnancy bladder!

Looking forward to: My brother in law is getting married this weekend so we are all very excited to be heading up north for what should be a very jolly country-chic wedding! 

I think that is everything for this week's update! As always, I hope this post was helpful to any other expectant mamas out there and I hope you enjoy sharing this journey with us!

I'll see you next week for our 18 week update!



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