Beautiful blossoms

I definitely have a bit of a thing for spring time blossoms. They are some of the loveliest blooms and at this time of year you can enjoy feasting your eyes on them everywhere! I love seeing them bloom all over the trees especially when they reach the point of totally masking the branches with such bright, beautiful colour! And then as they gradually drop their delicate petals, we are left with a sea of pinks and creams fallen onto the ground. It's almost like walking on a soft carpet, just insanely beautiful and I find it so hard to not reach for the camera each time I pass by!

It's also so lovely to take a few bunches inside to enjoy them in the home. Whilst they tend to be short lived, the vibrancy of these pink ones is just stunning- I just wish we could keep them all year round! 

I think blossoms are such a welcome sight after the long winter, not only preempting the coming of summer but visually reminding us of all the wonderful things we have to look forward to in nature. Even if it is all doom & gloom outside today- the promise of better days is in the air and all around us! Who else is excited for summer to finally arrive?!



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