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Barely a couple of hours after bringing these summer sandals home they had already seen their first water marks and scuffs as Noah charged about the place, happy as anything to finally have something light and comfortable on his feet in the hot weather.
There is a reason I don't fork out crazy money on the kids clothing and shoes and this is exactly it! We'll be lucky if these sandals make it through the summer without more scuffing but I wanted to mention them because they solved a lot of problems for me!

With the glorious heatwave that came on last week, I realised Noah didn't have any sandals that fitted him. He had been coping in socks and trainers up till that point and I felt really bad at how hot his poor little toes were getting. I made a quick dash to our local Next shop and saw they had these little leather sandals for boys- the perfect solution!

Being such an open shoe, they allow his feet to breathe and he hasn't been feeling as uncomfortable when he's been running about outside. It helps that they are also really cute and just make me think of Noah as a miniature version of his daddy! Simple as they are, there is something about these sandals that seems quite grown up to me! 

Noah has been busying himself with the art of putting on and taking off these sandals by himself- a feat he has been quite impressed with himself for achieving! I have to say I'm just really happy that they fit and feel comfortable on him. 
Whilst Noah has always preferred having nothing on his feet and will always take that option when available, I think even he has found these sandals to be a happy compromise that take away the 'ouchies' that come with walking about the garden bare footed!

These are a great budget friendly pair of sandals, (I think I paid about £12 for them) and being leather, they should hopefully wear well and continue to allow his feet to breathe in the sunshine!

Have any of you been on the hunt for toddler summer shoes? I'd love to know your suggestions!


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