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I sometimes like flicking through my Instagram feed at the end of the week and just reflecting on the different moments that occurred over the past few days. I’m definitely a visual thinker with a terrible memory so I find images a really effective way to remember things by which is something I love Instagram for!
This week has been quite an extraordinary one for us. We moved out of our house and are staying with my husband's family while we decide on our next home. It’s always a process and we are learning that each move requires a new set of needs and requirements as to what kind of home is going to suit our growing brood and the needs of the business.
As stressful as it has been at times, I am actually really excited for our next venture. I’m excited to set up home somewhere new, to choose exactly where that home is going to be and knowing that we are with family now means we can relax into the process and not rush!

Making it to the end of this week has brought with it a real sense of peace which feels so rewarding after the difficult days that preceded. As always, I’ve tried to focus on the positive aspects on my Instagram feed and, looking over the past week now, these images are a great reminder to me that even amidst difficult times I've tried to zone in on happy little moments which are a wonderful balm to a stressed mama! 

Being legitimately able to wear sandals is just one of life's pleasures (here in England, at least!) There's no telling what the weather will bring next so at this time of year I like to seize every opportunity to parade around in mine, even if it is drizzling away outside!

This week I also found comfort in reading over my old pregnancy diary with Jonah. Looking back at my photos of the growing bump (this is Jonah at 25 weeks) and reminding myself of everything was a lovely way to help me to engage in this next month of pregnancy. So often I find myself running about after the kids that I totally forget I'm pregnant at all and it's only when i'm laying in bed at night that my thoughts turn, uninterrupted, towards this tiny little being happily growing away inside my tummy!

I'm happy to see the end of this week and look forward to another chapter in our lives as we start preparing for a family wedding next week, a music festival the week after and another imminent move!
Who says life isn't full of adventure!?



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