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22 weeks pregnant


Noah's Digger birthday cake



Noah's third birthday & the importance of family

Birthdays always have a way of making me feel a bit nostalgic but ever since becoming a mother I feel I have such a different appreciation for them, especially when it comes to celebrating the birth of your own child. On Thursday Noah turned three and I spent much of the day quietly musing to myself on the past three years and thinking back to that day where it all began at 4am in the morning with my waters breaking!

Noah catapulted our lives into the fast lane with a big bump. Being our firstborn, I suppose in a way he had the biggest impact on our little family unit because as i’ve learnt, nothing quite prepares you for life with a newborn when you're a first time parent. From his arrival at 9.34pm on Father’s day 2013, he has been making his marks on our lives and in our hearts and we have changed and evolved with each milestone and moment.

Thursday morning came around and it was just lovely to see his excitement as he realised it was ‘his day’ and we were all there to celebrate him. Kick starting the day with a birthday breakfast and some presents to unwrap, we were set up for a day of playing and laughter- the best way to enjoy any birthday! 

Considering we don’t buy the children toys all that often, partly because they are so interested in the outdoors anyway and love making their own fun with sticks and stones- literally! And partly because we don’t want them to expect to have all the latest of everything there is on offer, I felt like Noah had a really beautiful appreciation for each one of his presents. He got a new set of Disney’s Cars and Planes characters (which he is so into at the moment) and I felt really proud of him for just being gracious and excited about the generosity of his family. I could see him taking time with each gift to work out what it was and how he could play with it. I definitely had a ‘proud mama’ moment on Saturday when I saw he and his cousins playing beautifully together with his new workbench from Grandma and Grandpa. He was happy to let his older cousin Raph show him the ropes with the wooden tools and little Etta and he were chatting away building some imaginary toy together! 

On Saturday, the family had gathered to continue the celebrations with a bouncy castle, games in the garden and plenty of chocolate cake! It always fills me with a great deal of pride when we come together to celebrate each other and nothing can beat that feeling of watching love pour out over your own child. I’ve always felt that children can bring out the best of us as adults and when you see innocent fun and growing relationships building between young cousins, it kind of puts your life into perspective as you think that here are the foundations of friendship forming that will, Godwilling even outlive us as their parents.

We really did have a wonderful couple of days and Eddy and I both felt immense joy for our growing family, in both age and size! Three years seem to have passed by in a flash but what a three years they have been! I have learnt more about myself in these years than at any other point in my life and I have my beautiful children to thank for that!

So happy birthday darling Noah,
You’re changing the world one heart at a time!

Below are some snaps of our celebrations over the long weekend...




21 weeks pregnant



Date night inspiration with Garden Trading



Picnicking with Laura Ashley



We're having a boy!



Jumpsuit Joy!



20 weeks pregnant!



Raising Those Rascals



Clinique pep start



19 weeks pregnant

After not managing to post my update for last week (sorry!- It feels as though I’ve barely had five minutes to look at a computer screen recently!) We have arrived at 19 weeks pregnant and all of a sudden everything seems to be getting very real as far as this pregnancy is concerned! 
I have my 20 week anomaly scan coming up next week and we are hopefully going to find out the gender too so that’s really exciting- such a pregnancy milestone and I just can't wait to know if we are going for a pink or blue nursery this time around!

A lot of people keep asking me if we're really holding out for a girl this time around after the two boys and I find myself smiling each time because I honestly have no preference. Truthfully, we would be thrilled either way and I honestly have no 'preference' whether this little babe is a girl or boy. It goes without saying that I would love to be mummy to a little princess and do all those cliche mother/daughter things together. However, I really feel I have found my rhythm with my two boys. I know what to expect and I feel confident that I know what I am doing with boys- so much so that I'm slightly worried that I wouldn't know where to start with a girl! To me, it would feel akin to being a first time parent again if this little one turns out to be a she! But how exciting could that be? I just can't wait to know!

Weight gain:
I weighed myself for the first time in a couple of weeks this morning and I've gained a pound putting my overall weight gain so far at 7lbs. For almost half way through the pregnancy, that seems fine to me and it's actually slightly less than last time around so I guess that proves just how much I'm kept on my feet with my two other little munchkins

Maternity clothes:
I seem to be still avoiding buying actual maternity clothes by just investing in vests and loose fitting tops. I have also found low rise jeans brilliant for my adapting figure as they sit beneath my bump and therefore don't dig into it during the day. I recently bought a pair from Mango and they have been an utterly brilliant compromise! I think I will post a little maternity style blog soon because third time around, I definitely have picked up a few tips and tricks that make dressing your changing figure easier and more enjoyable.

Best moment this week:
We went to Big Church Day Out over the weekend which is basically a really big music festival with so much going on! The kids really enjoyed camping and we had some of the best nights sleep in a long time! It was a lovely thing to just be able to go to with some amazing acts, entertainment, food and fair rides! I can't wait to do it all over again next year!

Movement: Nothing really happening just yet. I've had the odd changes in pressure which are consistent with what I know to be the feeling of a tiny baby rolling around but it's all so delicate and light at this point. Those big breathtaking kicks and lunges won't happen for a while yet!

Food cravings? I haven't had any cravings per se, I actually feel like my appetite is somewhat levelling out and actually have begun feeling a lot more like my old self this week! True, I still can't go more than a few hours before needing to eat something but on the whole I don't think i've had any particular cravings or preferences with food.

Gender: We hopefully find out next week! Can't wait!

Symptoms: I think mainly the only symptom I can really pinpoint is still fatigue. It's getting a bit old now as I can't fight it like I can when I'm not pregnant. It's the strangest thing that just takes over you. But other than that I don't really have any other symptoms.

Looking forward to: The gender reveal next week!

That is just about everything for this week's update! I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday and got to see some rays of sunshine in the midst! 


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