20 weeks pregnant!

20 weeks has certainly crept up on us! Here we are at the official halfway mark of this pregnancy and I kinda wish I could press pause on the whole thing to just soak it up before it totally flies by! 

Last week I really focused on exercising a bit more than normal which has done wonders for helping balance my influx of pregnancy hormones- yeah, I don't miss them one bit! I'm actually really looking forward to this coming week as we will be having our 20 week scan and will hopefully get to find out the baby's gender- I absolutely can't wait to know and finally start thinking about names!

Total weight gain: I hopped on the scales this morning to find i've gained another pound this week putting my overall gain at 8lbs so far.

Maternity clothes: I'm still relying on a lot of my normal clothes which, so far, are getting me by quite nicely. I don't particularly feel there has been much physical change from last week as I am still opting for low rise jeans and billowy tops to see me through this part of the pregnancy. I know I will definitely have to pack them away at some point and face the maternity isles soon but I'm not rushing there. I think that for me, being able to wear my normal clothes makes me feel a bit more...myself? I don't know and not that it really even matters but it just helps to make me feel somewhat normal I think.

Best moment this week:
To be honest, I've been pretty hormonal this week. I hate writing that because it always sounds so cliche but there have been quite a few moments where I just haven't been myself at all. I don't think i've had a shining 'best moment' this past week except for perhaps the long balmy sunset walk Eddy and I went on the other evening- such a lovely reminder that summer is fast approaching and fingers crossed some warm weather with it!

Movement: Starting to feel bits of movement this week which was actually a big relief as I was getting a little concerned that 20 weeks was around the corner and still there was nothing! They're very much the early little heartbeat-like sensations at this point but I definitely recognise them from my previous pregnancies so that's really lovely and such a comfort at the same time.

Symptoms: My muscles seems quite lax again, I keep pulling them having forgotten how susceptible they are to this during pregnancy. The HCG hormone is apparently what loosens them in preparation for birth which is why it's especially easy for pregnant women to suffer muscle injuries. I think with lugging the kids around so much my back is starting to complain quite a lot so it's probably time to reconsider how much lifting I am doing on a day to day basis. Other than muscle complaint in my back and tummy region, I don't really have any symptoms to report for this week though!

Looking forward to: our scan later this week! I really can't wait to see our little one again and just know how he or she is getting on in there. Speaking of he or she...I also cannot wait to finally know which gender this little one belongs to!

I think that is probably everything for this week's update. Hopefully we will have a gender reveal later in the week- can't wait for that!

I hope you all had a fab weekend!


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