21 weeks pregnant

What a week it has been! Last week we found out the gender of our baby and also the good news that all seems well and healthy with the pregnancy in general. I haven’t really stopped for pause this week as it’s all been ‘go go go’ with a couple of blog collabs and a certain young man’s third birthday to prepare for!

Total weight gain: It all seems steady as clockwork as far as the weight is going. I think I gained 1lb last week which puts my overall gain at about 9lbs…ish! 
I've really been enjoying working out more consistently and that is helping to put my mind at ease over any weight related niggles at the back of my head. I’m already seeing slight changes in tone around my legs, bum and arm areas which is nice because hopefully this will all continue to give me energy throughout the pregnancy as well as helping to strengthen my muscles along the way.

Maternity clothes: Again, I’m still managing in my normal jeans, though I only really opt for the low rise ones. I have a few stretchy denim pairs that are perfect for accommodating my bump and so far they are working brilliantly so I’m just going to keep with that formula for as long as I can because hey, if it ‘ain't broke…!

Best moment this week: It was definitely finding out the gender of our baby. Knowing we are expecting another little boy has filled me with real excitement and joy. We just can't wait to meet the little guy now!

Movement: I’ve been getting lots of regular movements now. It’s still all quite light and fluttery at this stage but there have been one or two stronger kicks that have made me stop in my tracks. I normally notice his movements when I’m lying down at night without distractions and it’s always a really special time as I can focus completely on this little one, say my prayers for him and just relish in his busy little rolls and kicks- he seems to be quite content in there!

Symptoms: I’ve not been doing too badly on the symptom front this week. I’ve noticed that heartburn is slowly creeping its way back in to my life but Rennies sort the discomfort out pretty instantly so it’s not too bothersome. I did notice for the first time this week that it is definitely uncomfortable to bend over to tie my laces…I know that’s only going to get worse as my whole tummy gets squished in the process, but hey, for 21 weeks this is not bad going!

Looking forward to: We’re hoping to get down to Devon soon to spend a few days with my family and be by the seaside! I really can’t wait to bring the boys back to some of our favourite hang out spots on the coast. Bliss!

Belly button in or out? Definitely at that in-between stage at the moment! It will just pop one of these days!

I think that covers everything for last week's progress! I'll catch you next Monday for our 22 week update!



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