22 weeks pregnant

Hello again! I feel like these pregnancy updates are happening far more frequently than just once a week! The days are just vanishing...and I am well aware that I keep repeating that in most of these updates too- sorry! I think just the process of rounding up my week each time keeps me in a reflective mood, it's quite therapeutic actually and I really enjoy thinking back over my week from a pregnancy point of view.
But moving onwards, We made it to 22 weeks yesterday and i'm happy to say I've had a really lovely week overall. In case you missed the million posts on my social media, we celebrated Noah's third birthday last week so we were in party mode for a good chunk of it. It was a really fun, excitable few days and we have just felt so privileged and lucky to be parents- it’s a great way to begin preparations for this next baby just being conscious of how lucky we are to have our wonderful boys…all three!

Weight gain: As we are currently having a little break down in Devon with my family, I haven’t weighed myself this week. I do feel my tummy is getting bigger though and I would guess that overall I’ve probably gained about 10/11 lbs by now?

Maternity Clothes: I saw that Mango have a new Maternity section (I don’t think they’ve produced maternity clothes in the past?!) which really excited me! They have some lovely looking jeans in there which I cannot wait to get my hands on! They have elasticated sides and a normal zip/button so they are closer to a ‘normal fit’ which I find sits better on me. I’m still in my low rise non-maternity jeans but I have picked up a couple of maternity tops recently. This grey dip-hem one I’m wearing is from Asos and it is so easy and comfortable to wear with either leggings or jeans- I’ve been wearing it loads!

Best moment this week: Getting home to Devon and catching up with my family is always just lovely. I absolutely love Devon and really miss it when we are away so it’s good to be home. A sense of belonging always washes over me every time we visit which is so good for my current pregnancy head! We never moved house as children so the house my parents live in is the home I was born and raised in and is very much invested with a lot of lovely memories. It always feel a bit like escaping back into my childhood coming back here and it’s so beautiful to be able to share that with my sons now.

Movement: The kicks are progressively getting more noticeable now and I can feel more weight behind them which is great- just not always after i’ve eaten! They’re really frequent and Eddy and the boys have been really enjoying looking for movement on my tummy and feeling them too. It's really special that Noah in particular is able to engage with this pregnancy and join in our excitement for his new baby brother.

Symptoms: My weird pregnancy restless leg thing came back this week which I remember having in both my other pregnancies! In the evenings my feet feel really restless and jittery and I find it hard to soothe them. It sounds totally bonkers but it is quite infuriating after a while! I don’t know if it's a blood pressure thing or if they are just tired but I do know my mum had the exact same symptom in a few of her pregnancies. Dad used to massage her feet to settle them…ahem, Eddy! 

Looking forward to: We are determined to get to the beach this week- weather permitting! Being at the coast always has such a great impact on me mentally. I find it soothing, relaxing and totally freeing to unwind with my boys on the beach, can’t wait to get back!

That's everything for this week's update,
I'll see you next week for my 23 week update!



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