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I always used to think eye creams were a little bit gimmicky...until I had kids! They were never a part of my skin care routine and I suppose I didn't really see any personal need for them back when I had unbroken sleep, lots of it and didn't have the beginnings of fine lines and grey hair taking over.

I suppose since then, one of my biggest skin concerns has been lack of moisture and my skin being dry as a result of inevitable lifestyle changes. It has very much become a mission keeping my skin as hydrated as possible to help with the more obvious signs of sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, my eyes always give away my status as a mother of young ones and dark circles have taken up a pretty near permanent residency on my face!

Over time, I have experimented with quite a few various brands to work out what the best skincare routine for me might be. Whilst I haven't yet hit the anti-wrinkle potions just yet, I am trying to take preventative steps because of the changes my skin have been through in motherhood. Eye creams have become my new best friend and lately it's been this new one by Clinique that has been making a real difference!

According to one of the Clinique representatives I spoke with, the new Pep-start has become a best seller and is one of Clinique's most popular eye creams for its instantaneous results. With the inclusion of caffeine in the formula it works to address some key skin concerns around the eye area. It feels as though my eyes are being hit with a surge of moisture when I apply this and they instantly feel awake, brightened and refreshed. 

The handy pop up applicator makes the whole design really portable and easy to use when on the go. Whilst I wouldn't normally apply any skin care after makeup, this is perfectly usable after applying makeup and therefore can be used throughout the day as and when you feel the need for a quick top up.
I've been using this alongside the Clinique three step system and find the products work so smoothly together. My eyes are noticeably more awake and the skin looks brighter, revived and less puffy first thing in the morning. 

I definitely think I've found an eye cream I can rely on for the foreseeable. I love everything from the vibrant packaging and easy applicator to the telling results that make this product such a welcome relief from my ongoing search!

Have you tried Pep-Start yet? I'd love to know your thoughts on it!



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