Jumpsuit Joy!

I have to admit in recent weeks I have found myself beginning to miss wearing some of my normal clothes. The bigger my bump gets, the more there is to consider when pulling out any old item of clothing from my wardrobe. Is this top long enough now? Does that even sit right on me anymore? Trying to go for a somewhat current and cool style whilst avoiding the whole 'sack of potatoes' look is proving harder with each passing week! 

For my third pregnancy, you'd think i'd be used to the gradual transition that it brings to the way you dress, move and generally feel. Alas, it is something that I have to admit I definitely struggle with at times. 

There are days when I just yearn to throw something on and know that I will look and feel comfortable and that the first thing people notice isn't the fact that I am in fact pregnant. Ultimately, for me it's all about finding a balance between welcoming and embracing my changing shape whilst still feeling like a little bit of my old self remains in the way I choose to dress.

When I saw this jumpsuit in Marks and Spencers a few weeks ago, I thought the model wearing it looked impossibly trendy and something about the half-length sleeves and flared culottes just looked so sophisticated and glamorous without compromising anything. On closer inspection I noticed the cut of the fabric looked to be workable for a pregnancy. As the elasticated waist is quite high it actually works really well to accommodate a growing bump. I liked it so much that initially I thought this would make a really nice outfit for the evening before my brother-in-law's wedding. (Needless to say, I didn't actually wear it for that occasion at all but saved it for a fun date night with Eddy the following week!)

I've always thought Marks & Spencer's really nail that 'something for everybody' approach, but more than that their clothing lasts well and in my experience tends to stand the test of time too. This is definitely the kind of outfit that I can see myself wearing in a lot of different scenarios. It works casually whilst also being very easy to smarten up with heels and a duster coat. I'm definitely going to enjoy wearing this jumpsuit over the coming months...at least for as long as I can still squeeze my tummy into it!



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