Raising Those Rascals

It's been a little while since my last Raising Those Rascals post and whilst I've been very slow over here, it seems the hashtag is as busy as ever with lots of beautiful additions appearing every day. Flicking through them over the past few days prompted me to get on and have a post ready for the start of June, so thank you for your continued support and encouragement! As always, it's so good to know there are so many of us out there walking this parenting road together- what a blessing that we can use social media to support each other!

To be honest, May has been a pretty hectic month for us. We moved out of our home and have found ourselves on the house hunt yet again for something more permanent! Of course as with any major upheaval, the children have naturally taken a little while to adjust and so I've eased up on a lot of the normal routines to just give them space to get used to this strange limbo we find ourselves in. I'm not stressing about having them in bed at a certain time as they seem to really want to be near us in the evenings and so we've just been enjoying all the extra sofa snuggles and snoozy moments together. 

But June has arrived and with it a fresh optimism about moving into the next chapter of our lives here in Lincoln. In between house viewings and scouring Right Move every day, I find my role as mummy increasing in new ways all the time. I posted yesterday on Instagram about having so many opportunities thrown my way to practise my negotiating skills...with my almost three year old. Noah is learning to accept and respect authority and I, on the other hand, am learning a whole load of patience! It's definitely give and take- sometimes literally- but I find there is a wonderful complementarity in parenting little ones: The more you think you are teaching your littles, the more you realise you are learning yourself! Raising rascals certainly changes you, shapes you and gently moulds you into a better version of yourself.

I've so enjoyed seeing all of your lovely images over on Instagram recently. Here are some that really brought a smile to my face :)






Thanks ladies for your gorgeous photos! Do join in if you haven't already, you can find our hashtag over at #RaisingThoseRascals on Instagram, we'd love to meet you there!



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