We're having a boy!

There aren't too many good surprises in life, I mean the real surprises that you totally didn't see coming and that really catch you off guard! For us, yesterday brought with it the surprise of finally getting to know that we are expecting another little boy and the elation that followed was a moment I will never forget.

We arrived for our ultrasound scan and promptly asked our sonographer if we could find out the gender if it was possible to tell. She was all smiles as she and her junior assistant began to scan my tummy and look in detail at the baby, carefully checking all kinds of measurements and looking over his entire body.

There were a couple of occasions when the junior assistant and the senior sonographer seemed unhappy about the positioning firstly of my placenta and then a part of the baby's heart. Each time I found myself holding my breath and praying for good news as I listened to their conversation play out and as they continued to scan using different settings to get a clearer image. And then moments later we heard them confirm with each other and then us that they had seen what they were looking for and everything looked fine.
 Pure. Unimaginable. Relief!
After a good half an hour of simply measuring the baby and looking at his organs in detail, the sonographer double checked with us that we definitely wanted to know the gender and after we confirmed, she moved the doppler into a better position where it was plain as day to see, this baby is undoubtedly another little boy!

We just burst out laughing after thinking the chances would more likely lead to a girl this time around. But quickly our thoughts moved to the ease with which we feel this baby will slot right into our expanding family. We imagined the boys in a few years time playing sports together, sharing bedrooms, wrestling and play fighting- all those things that brothers get up to! But most importantly, developing a close bond with each other as they grow up. 

It's so good to finally know what we are expecting, to begin drafting names, organising baby things and generally getting the ball rolling for our October due date. Life is so precious and as parents we just felt compelled not to pass up any opportunity handed  to know as much as possible about this baby and to love him for who he is from as early on as possible. 
So far with this little bean we know he is a boy, he is quite amazingly flexible- given some of his positions on the inside! And, we also know he now takes pride of place as the youngest little member of our family unit.
I cannot wait to learn more about him and to be able to welcome him into our family when he finally arrives later this year. 

It's amazing to think that he is already so loved, so wanted and so irreplacable in our family dynamic. We cannot wait to meet you little one!


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