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I do love a good monthly 'favourites' post and I love reading about the things that are inspiring other people, either as life hacks, advice, or simply darn good products worth every penny spent on them! Recently I have acquired a few bits and pieces that I think are definitely worth mentioning. Some were bought, some gifted but all of them have been genuinely brilliant additions to my day to day, so much so that I thought it would be nice to share them with you! 

I'll kick start this collection with a couple of items that I have used every single day for the past month. These are two of the Real Techniques Bold Metals makeup brushes (And yes, I am well aware that I am about a year late to the party on these!) I recently bought two of these brushes, partly because I've been intrigued for ages to check them out after all the hype surrounding them, and partly because I really need to update my makeup brushes anyway- some of them are beginning to look rather past it now!
 Boots happened to have them on offer last month and so I took full advantage of the discount and bought the tapered blush brush and the oval shadow brush. Having these two brushes is definitely problematic though as I can see myself wanting to replace all my other brushes with the rest of this beautiful collection! These brushes are. just. divine! The quality of the bristles just catches makeup products really evenly and they blend flawlessly for such perfect coverage. 
One of my favourite aspects about them is how soft they are, especially the shadow brush. It's extremely easy to apply eye makeup and blend it in without irritating delicate skin around the eye. These brushes are just dreamy and they feel so luxurious and lovely...i'm afraid there is no going back now!

Another makeup product I have been really enjoying is this beautiful MAC blush in the shade Warm Soul. This is something my sister gave me as she wasn't really using it and so we did a little swap with me giving her a product I had also stopped using. This blush is a really beautiful summer product as it is so warm and has quite a bronzey tone. I like sweeping this across the apples of my cheeks after using my Charlotte Tilbury bronzer and I just find that the two products work so well together to give a gorgeous sun kissed glow. It's one of those products that is just perfect for this time of year and makes it look as though you've just returned from a holiday in the sun! 

We recently signed up to our local gym as a family and we have been feeling so much better for it in general. Within a few days of going I realised I needed a bag to hold all the essentials from extra nappies to water- to my own kit and a small carrier was just not going to cut it! I popped online to Sports Direct and found this pink Nike gym bag in the sale. It's a great size to hold all those bits and pieces and has handy compartments for easy access too! I really enjoy using this and not having to lug a handbag with me as it just holds everything I need in one place and there is room for all the family's belongings in there too!

I spotted these sandals at the start of the season in Next and had my eye on them for a while as they just seemed a way more reasonable dupe for the classic 'Birkenstock' style. Truth be told, this kind of sandal has been around for years and years, I even remember my mum having a similar pair when we were kids so there is something quite nostalgic about wearing a similar shoe to her as a mummy now myself. 
What I love about them is how easy they are to slip on and go, especially when rushing out to the gym or trying to run errands quickly- they're just so wonderfully unfussy and easy to wear with pretty much any outfit. I've worn mine with jeans, dresses, skirts...still haven't found anything they don't work with yet which is why I have been virtually living in them these past few weeks.

So, those are my ultimate faves from the month of June! Let me know if you've tried any of these and if so, what you made of them!




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